Accessibility and Tips

Access for wheelchair users and others with mobility problems

Museu Casa do Pontal has special restrooms and a lift to the upper floor of the permanent exhibition for wheelchair users and others with mobility problems, as well as access to the auditorium and the GVB Gallery.

Special Groups

The education department of Museu Casa do Pontal is available to host special groups. Contact the head of educational and social programs on Tuesday and Friday by phone (21) 2490-2429 or by email

Hints for planning your visit

- Food and drink may not be consumed the galleries of the Museum or stored on the premises. Only water in plastic bottles can be carried.

- Phones, cameras, photography and video devices may not be used inside the Museum.

- Only pencils can be used in the galleries of the Museum. The use of pens and markers is prohibited.

- Strollers are permitted in all galleries except where indicated otherwise.

- Luggage, hand luggage, backpacks and suitcases above normal size are not allowed inside the museum.

- We recommend the use of insect repellent, especially in summer.


Photography is not permitted in the galleries of the museum where the permanent and temporary collections are displayed. Photographs of groups, for private, non-commercial use may be permitted upon request. The Museu Casa do Pontal authorizes taking of photographs only in writing. Read the request form, if you are interested in images of the collection or of the museum itself. Gardens and outdoor areas are open to photographs.

Authorized photographs are intended only for the purposes established in the Authorization Form and may not be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed or commercially exploited in any way. Works of art in exhibits or used in temporary exhibitions organized by other institutions may not be photographed, traded or disclosed without written permission. The use of cell phone cameras, film and video cameras is also prohibited.

For press photographs and special projects including film and video, please contact the Communications Department during business hours by phone (21) 2245-2717 and (21) 2558-2023 or by email:

Contact the Communications Department for more information on requests for photographs of works of art belonging to the Museum for any purpose other than private, non-commercial use.

The Museum reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend and / or withdraw permission to take photographs on its premises or to reproduce photographs of objects in its collection.

Promotional Materials

The content of all printed materials and electronic publications relating to an event that will take place at the Museum, including a copy of the invitation, final typeset copy, programs and other promotional material must be approved by the Museum. Materials should be sent to the Museum for review and approval before being printed.

Respect for the Museum collection

Please do not touch any of the objects in the Museum. Invisible oils on fingertips leave a film on any surface that is touched. Over time, these marks attract dust and air pollutants, damaging and obscuring surfaces. Please refrain from pointing or gesturing when you are close to unprotected works of art.