Location of the artist


Alto do Moura / Caruaru - PE

Amaro Vitalino

Amaro Vitalino was born in Alto do Moura, Caruaru, Pernambuco State, on 21 February 1934. He is Master Vitalino’s eldest son. Like his father, he did not receive a formal education and began modelling his figures when still a child. He has serious visual deficiency, especially in one eye, and invented little from original works, modelling scenes created by his father. The trademark of his work In the 1970s were characters in elongated shapes, unpainted and strongly expressive.

  • Amarrando o rabo do boi
  • Caçador fugitivo mirando em onça
  • Noiva à cavalo acompanhada por cavaleiros
  • Noivos em cavalo grande
  • Ordenha