Cachoeira - BA

 The history of Cachoeira, one of the oldest municipalities in Bahia, goes back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Situated in the Metropolitan mesoregion of Salvador, approximately 62km from the capital, its current population is around 32,252 (IBGE, 2007). It is considered an important historic tourist attraction in Bahia due to its rows of baroque houses and numerous churches, but few know that it is also an important centre of wooden sculpture produced by various artists. The town’s artistic production begins with the wooden sculptures by artist Boaventura Silva Filho, known as “Louco”, who transferred his knowhow to his family members. But there are also artists in Cachoeira who do ceramic modelling, namely the brothers Armando Santos and Candido Santos Xavier, the latter known as Tamba.  Both of them make figures of animals, saints, and some everyday characters always painted with a combination of contrasting tones.

  • Cristo
  • Exú
  • Iansã
  • Iemanjá
  • Mulher com coroa
  • Mulher de cabelos pretos
  • Nanã
  • Ogun
  • Omulú
  • Oxalá
  • Oxóssi
  • Oxum
  • Oxumaré
  • Barco de Exús