Curitiba - PR

The rise of the city of Curitiba goes back to the time of the gold rush in the mid-17th century. Today the city has a population of 1,797,408 (IBGE, 2007) and lies at an average altitude of 934m. Access can be by the BR-476 or BR-116 federal highways. Something not so widely spoken when mentioning the history of Paraná is how the existence of the indigenous populations was important for the local culture. Probably the indigenous presence was an inspiring source for many regional artists, including Laurentino Rosa dos Santos, with his unique whirligigs [Sinaleiros do Vento]. Laurentino’s work attracts attention not only because of the entertaining and utility aspects but also the “specific human shape that he gives his sculptures” (Frota, 2005: 273). With carvings of football players, outlaws and what he calls “Indian of the future”, his pieces preferably coloured in blue, red, black and yellow, vary in size from 30cm to 50cm, and even two metres when customised.

  • Sinaleiro do Laurentino
  • Sinaleiro do vento