Goiânia - GO

The city of Goiânia, founded in 1935, today has 1,244,645 inhabitants (IBGE, 2007), and lies at an average altitude of 749m; it can be accessed by the federal highway BR-153. Unlike many of the cities that emerged from small villages, Goiânia was planned to be the capital of the State of Goiás. Although the city began from an urban plan, it has some rural characteristics noticeable until today, in spaces such as the Municipal Market in the downtown area. A large variety of utensils can be found there that recall the countryside, namely flat Irons, lamps and oil lamps, as well as many different clay and basketry items of handicraft from the various regions in the state. It is in this urban context, still with rural characteristics, that we find an important artist Antonio Batista de Souza, known as Antonio Poteiro.  His clay figures and paintings alike have a religious theme. Some of his best known works are the sculptures “God Justice”, “God Love” and “God Animal”. Some of his paintings worth mentioning are “Hell’s Supper”, “Supper of the Shirtless [Descamisados]”, “Freight Cavalcade” and “The Only God”. His vast expressive production is famous at home and abroad, making him of the most important artists in the country.

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