Prados - MG

The municipality of Prados, located in the basin of the River das Mortes, with a population of 8,168 (IBGE, 2007) is approximately 140km from Belo Horizonte and close to the historical centres of São João del Rei (39km) and Tiradentes (59km).  Prados is also an important tourist centre due to its 18th and 19th-century baroque architecture and well-known local handicraft of leather, clay and wooden articles. The woodcraft is the most outstanding since it portrays elements from nature and sacred themes; one special feature is the sculpture of large animals from one piece of wood. These pieces, in turn, can even weigh 500 kilos and be two metres long. The wooden sculptures, which began with the Julião family in the 1960s, became a registered trademark of the municipality of Prados, influencing the rise of new artisans and artists.

  • Macacos e leões nos galhos