Theater visits

General Information

The educational visits accompanied by performing artists last approximately ninety minutes and are offered Tuesday through Friday, morning or afternoon.

A prior appointment for school groups and social projects is required and can be made Tuesday through Friday, from 9h to 17h, by phone (21) 2490-2429 or by email

After scheduling, the institution must submit a letter on official letterhead, confirming the dates agreed. Access here a suggested draft of the letter.

With its first visit to the Museu Casa do Pontal, each institution receives a set of teaching materials entitles What will you take?, devoted to the development of complementary activities at the school. For this the teacher or the person responsible for the group must present a letter on official letterhead, confirming the receipt of material on the day of the visit to the Museu Casa do Pontal. Only one set of materials will be donated to each institution, regardless of the number of scheduled visits to the Museu Casa do Pontal.

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[Símbolo de acessibilidade] Wheelchair access for those with mobility problems. See the Coordinator of Educational and Social Programs for special group programs and differentiated thematic proposals.

Private Schools

Admission + educational tour per private school student: $ 15.00

Teachers and caregivers admitted free of charge.

Public Schools and Social Projects

Through partnerships with public and private sponsors, the Museu Casa do Pontal offers free admission for public school students and participants in social projects, subject to schedule availability.


Children and young people from kindergarten through high school, are accompanied on their visit to the Museu Casa do Pontal by performing artists and educators who take them on a cultural journey, using the languages of music, puppet theater, illustrated booklets, "storytelling", musical challenge and response, ballads and poetry. The itineraries are tailored to various age groups and different issues can be emphasized during the visit, depending on the approach of the institution.

Dramatized visits were created based on specific content and themes of the collection on permanent display, which allows linking history, art, folklore and Brazilian culture. During the visit, the visitors are encouraged to reflect on the diversity of Brazilian culture, relations between the large cities and the countryside, the migration process, cultural and social practices, as well as on issues more specific to the field of fine arts, creative processes and affectionate memories.

We also offer specialized services for groups of educators.

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