Turmalina - MG

Turmalina, in the Upper Jequitinhonha region, has around 17,219 inhabitants (IBGE, 2007) and is approximately 309km from Belo Horizonte. Its history takes us back to the 18th century and the “Gold Cycle”·, since the origin of the village of Piedade, now Turmalina, was the result of mining activities. Nevertheless, its economy was not restricted to the gold and diamond deposits, since it also produced large quantities of fruit and cereals sold in the municipality of Minas Novas and its vicinity. Turmalina has a major ceramic production mainly centred in the Campo Alegre rural community of the municipality. Most of those working with the art of clay are women, and this knowledge has been passed down through the generations. Today, many artisans from Campo Alegre are organised in the Campo Alegre Association of Farmers and Artisans (ALACA), which has been helping organize and valorise the local art production.

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