Brazil - popular festivals

Often represented in folk art, festivals inspire sculpture and original models that celebrate the charm and appeal of Brazilians for music, dance, for getting together and colorful visual appeal. The apotheoses of moments at popular festivals include: Carnaval, New Year's celebrations, the harvest celebrations in June and festivals and those linked to both to the Catholic Church and Afro-Brazilian religions. The themes of the sculptures and models, created in clay and/or wood, are drawn from both the large festivals such as the Bumba-meu-boi, Carnaval, Maracatus, the pastorals, Kings Days etc… as well as smaller gatherings of people with to celebrate someone or an event of some kind. Although the larger festivals take place on specific dates in some states in Brazil - Bahia, Pernambuco and Maranhão, for example – some can extend for weeks - sometimes the whole month. Because of Brazil's continental size, we sometimes say that "there is always a party" because, as pointed out by the anthropologist Roberto Da Matta, somewhere there will always be a saint to celebrate, a football victory or just, "the refusal to accept the solitary nature of modern life.”  We call attention to the brief, general nature of the texts that accompany the works in this sector. They present in a summary description of the festivals that are actually quite complex.